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Patient Towel

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Patient Towel

Product Details:

Type Medical Materials & Accessories
Material Paper and Poly

Product Description

  • 2 Ply Paper + 1 Ply Poly;

  • 13” x 18” - 330mm x 450mm;

  • With extra stretch strength;

  • With high absorbency.

Packing Information
 6.5 gram, Standard

REF NO. Description
PT-001E White
PT-002E Blue
PT-003E Pink
PT-004E Green
PT-005E Purple
PT-006E Orange
PT-007E Yellow

7.2 gram, Premium, Thicker Paper

REF NO. Description
PT-001 White
PT-002 Blue
PT-003 Pink
PT-004 Green
PT-005 Purple
PT-006 Orange
PT-007 Yellow

8.7 gram, Plus Quality, Last Longer

REF NO. Description
PT-001P White
PT-002P Blue
PT-003P Pink
PT-004P Green
PT-005P Purple
PT-006P Orange
PT-007P Yellow

Quantity: Case of 500
 Note:We accept OEM order