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K2 Mobile

* Power : 3.5w CW/6.0w pulse (Output cw 3.5w/pulse 6.0w) Stable and sufficient output by Hecosa technique

* Laser irradiation ready signal and high intraoral visibility

* Soft button technique enables smooth launch or cessation of laser irradiation and minimizes tiredness of fingers even after a long irradiation.

* Auto emission function to reduce fatigue of fingers after a long laser irradiation.

* Optimal OLED display to show the small letters clearly.

* OLED responds to movement of left and right hands and shows status of equipment ideally.

* It offers lightness of 92g and ergonomic grip when the battery is attached.
it was designed to create few or no fatigue on wrists or arms of a user after a long time use.

* Long time use is possible by using large capacity battery of 1700mA.

* Two kinds of tips enable various applications and minimize the inconvenience of tip changing The front cap made of aluminum is applicable to all types of optic fiber and can easily be used in every application. It is removable for disinfection after use.

* It minimizes the expenses for consumables which are burdens to users.

* Programmed for easy navigation among varied functions.

* Equipped with multifunctional tip which is able to minimize the expenses for consumables and fiber cutter that can cut an optical fiber and maintain a tip as good as new.

* Enhanced safety by voice confirmation that prevents malfunction of a machine and reconfirms the user setting. 

* It saves battery by sleeping mode that operates when a user does not use it more than 30 seconds and power off function after 30 minutes of neglect.

* It maximizes usability by 30 preset procedures that are frequently used.

* User memory function was added to memorize 4 procedures that are the most frequently used to suit a user characteristics.

* It offers use time (sec) by sound to prevent overuse.

* To prevent using overpower, warning sound and display are given when a high capacity is used.

* Parts susceptible to coming in contact with patient's oral cavity tissues when using a laser are removable, and the aluminum material makes it easy for  disinfection. The structure of the optic fiber allows easy adjustment of angles according to characteristics of the oral cavity, making it more accessible.

* As the first and only patented optic fiber length adjustment apparatus in Korea and the world, the optic fiber length can be adjusted to satisfy each user’s needs to allow a precise and effective procedure. In particular, as the optic fiber, the only consumable component, can be cut if needed to act like a new part, the biggest problem of handy type lasers which is the consumable cost was resolved.

* By enabling the installation of the longest optic fiber through Hulaser's technology and idea, users' convenience in performing procedures as well as concerns about consumables costs have been entirely solved. The identity of K2 Mobile is not to let our customers worry with consumables but rather to nurture our customers' satisfaction.

* Most of complicated but small devices have heat dissipation problems inside Dental diode laser included especially pen-type laser like K2.
Our engineer team 100% solve this problem with accumulated technologies and experiences. No more worries about heat coming from inside of device.


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