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IF+ Instrument Forte

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 effective and economic. 5L of concentrate produce up to 1’000L of ready to use solution
 2.0 % - 15 minutes or 0.5% - 30 minutes
 Fresh smell when diluted
 aldehyde-free => non protein-fixing
 easily removes dried on blood and secretions
 outstanding material compatibility. Tested and validated by the most important dental and medical instruments
manufacturers (Storz, Maillefer, FKG, Jota, Diatech, NTI, Deppeler, American Eagle, Diatech, Intensiv, etc.)
 Contains powerful rust inhibitors
 good skin compatibility in case of accidental contact with ready-to-use solutions
 can be used in ultrasonic baths
 long-lasting effectiveness, up to one week in diluted form